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Department Chair

Ildy Katona, MD, CAPT, USN (Retired)
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine

Secretary: Ms. Daphne Thomas

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship of the National Capital Consortium


The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship program is fully accredited by the ACCME and designed to prepare physicians for careers in either clinical or academic pediatric infectious diseases.  It consists of three years of post-graduate medical education, which includes both clinical and research experience.  Applicants must have completed or anticipate successful completion of a pediatric residency, including at least one year of pediatric internship and two years of pediatric residency, and be either board certified or eligible to sit for the certifying examination in general pediatrics.  

The pediatric infectious diseases fellowship comprises clinical and research experience. The pediatric referral base for WRNMMC includes not only the five military bases in the immediate Washington, DC area, but also multiple military hospitals in the eastern region of the United States and from various countries outside CONUS. Nursery referrals are from a level III nursery located in Bethesda, which also services not only the local Washington, DC area, but also many nurseries throughout the world. Weekly case presentations are discussed at dual pediatric and adult infectious disease conferences. In addition, both services meet on a weekly basis for an hour of didactic teaching. Participation in the Greater Washington Infectious Diseases conferences (both civilian and military) where the most interesting infectious diseases in the Washington-area are presented monthly is an added bonus of our location. These conferences are attended by some of the leading experts in the various sub-specialties within infectious diseases. Rotations in Tropical Medicine are also encouraged and are taught at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). There are also field rotations in Peru, Thailand, Brazil, Ciaro and Dominican Republic, which are offered after the didactic portion of the rotation.

Active duty in one of the Uniformed Services of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force, Public Health Service) is required. Information on incurred obligations, pay and allowances may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Medical Education.  Applicants must apply through and be sponsored for postdoctoral training by the Graduate Medical Education office of their respective branch of service. Requests for training should list the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program of the NCC at USUHS as their site of choice. Application deadlines are usually in September and are determined by the individual services. Where feasible applicants are encouraged to visit the USUHS and Walter Reed facilities and arrange personal interviews with faculty members. If a visit is not practical, applicants should contact the program director and submit an updated CV and letter of intent. Telephone inquiries are welcomed (301) 295-3130.


Our goals are to develop Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists who are adept at:

1. Clinical Pediatric Infectious Diseases - consult services and clinic
Patients with fever and neutropenia, complex community-acquired infections, post-surgical infections, unexplained inflammatory conditions, immune deficiency, etc.

2. Both basic science and clinical research
Cases, case series, prospective clinical projects; as well as work in immunology, vaccinology, tropical and global medicine, models of pathogenesis, enteric toxins, shock, novel therapeutics, etc.

3. Teaching skills - both informal clinical teaching, and teaching in formal settings such as lectures, conferences, workshops, etc.

4. Military medicine skills - in tropical and global medicine, travel, immunizations, humanitarian relief, biowarfare agents.

Clinical Experience

The fellowship consists of 36 months, of which 12 are inpatient clinical months and 24 months are primarily devoted to research. The inpatient clinical experience is augmented by pediatric outpatient clinics for general infectious disease referrals and HIV specific referrals. The inpatient service covers two hospitals, which are within 10 minutes’ drive of each other. All pediatric inpatient consults are based at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), in Bethesda, MD.

The fellow will routinely supervise the management of hospitalized pediatric infectious diseases consult patients through daily contact with the residents and students on the ward teams; make ward rounds with the pediatric infectious diseases staff, participate in general pediatric infectious diseases, teach the residents and students through informal teaching rounds, prepared conferences, and scheduled grand rounds, and attend journal club, weekly clinical conferences, and research meetings.  All fellows are encouraged to attend national meetings.


Research can be performed within various settings, which include ongoing projects at USUHS, the NIH, the FDA, and various independent research labs in the local area. Clinical investigations can also be arranged at WRNMMC. Fellows also have the opportunity to be involved in NIH protocols if they so desire.  Fellows performing clinical research will also have the opportunity to complete requirements for the MPH degree at USUHS.

The basic science laboratories include 2000 square feet of space in the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.  The laboratories are well equipped for animal studies, general biochemistry, cell culture, and molecular biology.  Extractions of RNA and DNA, Northern, Western and Southern blotting and polymerase chain reaction analysis are performed.  Gene synthesizers, automated nucleic acid sequencers, and protein sequencing are also available.  Research Administration provides research review services, computerized data analysis, statistical support, and publication pre-review and approval.

Program Leadership

Michael Rajnik, MD, LtCol, USAF, MC – Program Director
Matthew Eberly, MD, Maj, USAF, MC - Associate Program Director
Franklin Abram - Program Coordinator

Additional information, application instructions and program requirements are available through:

Program Coordinator


Michael Rajnik, MD, LtCol, USAF, MC
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Director
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics, USUHS
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
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