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School of Medicine Supplemental Application Materials & Instructions

Thank you for completing the initial AMCAS application and for expressing interest in the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine. It is admirable that so many of our nation's young people are interested in serving as military medical corps officers.

Recent or Pending U.S. Citizenship

Due to commissioning requirements all USUHS students must be US citizens by their matriculation date. This requirement cannot be waived for any reason.

If you are able to gain citizenship prior to 1 November before the matriculating year, you may continue with the application. However, you must submit the following information to the Admissions Office immediately: the place of your hearing, the petition #, and the date of your hearing. If you are not able to gain citizenship by 1 November, then your file will be deactivated. U.S. citizenship is required for commissioning purposes and cannot be waived for any reason.

GPAs and MCAT Scores

The average cumulative and science GPAs is 3.7. The average MCAT score is 509. The lowest cumulative GPA accepted is 3.0. The lowest MCAT score accepted is 496. MCAT scores cannot be more than three years old.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Letters of Recommendation need to be submitted as soon as possible, but are NOT included in the Supplemental Application material deadline. At a minimum you need a clinical letter and a premedical committee letter (if available) or two science academic letters and one non-science academic letter. Letters of Recommendation should be submitted through the AMCAS Letter Service. You do not have to list additional letters, although you are welcome to submit more if you wish.

Academic LORs

A Premedical Committee letter is required by the Admissions Committee if your school provides this service. A compilation packet from your University’s letter service will be accepted in lieu of a premedical committee packet. If you are unable to provide a committee recommendation, please include a brief explanation in the provided area of the secondary application. Three individual recommendations are required from academia if a premedical letter, or compilation packet, are not sent, (a minimum of two from recent science professors). Even if you have been out of school for an extended period of time, you must still attempt to submit academic letters of recommendation.

Clinical LOR

Each candidate must submit a clinical letter of recommendation. This letter must describe some traditional clinical activity with patients and/or health care professionals or para-professionals and may be submitted by a physician, nurse, EMT, physician assistant, or a program administrator/coordinator. You can find more information regarding obtaining clinical experience by reading Five Ways to Gain Experience Without Shadowing.

If you do not have any clinical experience, you should attempt to gain some, NOW. Be sure to submit a statement to your Admissions Counselor explaining where you are undertaking this work, the nature of the work, the number of hours (per week), and the name of the professional who will write the letter of recommendation for you detailing your performance. There is no minimum number of hours for consideration, however, more experience is always better than less. If you are unable to gain any clinical experience, you MUST submit a statement explaining in detail why you have not engaged in clinical activities.

Clinical letters of recommendation that are included in a premedical committee packet or compilation packet do not need to be submitted to AMCAS separately. There will be an area in the Supplemental Application where you must provide the clinical recommender's name, even if the letter is included in a packet.

AMCAS Notification of LOR

Please notify your Admissions Counselor by email when ALL your LORs have been received by AMCAS on your behalf. Counselors are assigned by the first letter of your last name and will be working with you throughout the application cycle.

Completing the Supplemental Application Material

Applicants will use the applicant gateway in WebAdmit to complete the supplemental application. To gain access to the gateway, an email will be sent to the applicant once we have received confirmation of your application submission from AMCAS. The Supplemental Application Material is mandatory. Please review the links below for resources to assist in completing your supplemental application, including the essay questions on which you may begin work now and then later paste into WebAdmit.

Automatic notifications will not be sent when you file is complete. If you have any questions regarding your Supplemental Material or the status of your application, you may contact your Admissions Counselor below. Counselors are assigned by the first letter of your last name and will be working with you throughout the application cycle.

We look forward to receiving your completed application materials.