AFRRI Facilities

Uniformed Services University

Main Research Facility Laboratories

The AFRRI laboratories comprise facilities totaling 200,000 sq ft. AFRRI is a fully equipped research facility with the capability of performing state of the art molecular, cellular, microbiology, genetic and biochemical research.  All equipment is well maintained and under maintenance contract.

Cellular/Molecular Laboratory: Used for the manipulation and analysis of biological samples. The laboratory is equipped with cell culture incubators, laminar flow hoods, microwaves, refrigerators, -80°C and -20°C freezers, micro-weight scales, pH meters, electrophoresis stations, HPLC equipment, thermo cyclers, iQ5, Experion, Millipore pure water systems, DNA synthesizers, DNA sequencers, spectrophotometers, micro-centrifuges, liquid nitrogen storage, electroporator, vacuum transfer systems, laminar flow hoods, light microscopes, inverted microscopes, CO2 incubators, a Coulter Particle Counter, slide stainer, cytospin, luminometers, Western blot imagers, sonicators, plate readers, plate washers, chemical hoods, flammable cabinets, acid solvent cabinets, wash stations and water baths.

Cytogenetic Laboratory: Used for Cytogenetic Biodosimetry analyses is equipped with TECAN Evo 200, HANABHI Harvester PII & PIII, HANABI Spreader, Auto Stainer& Auto Image capture digital microscope and LIMS.

Microbiology Laboratory: Used for the manipulation of pathogenic microorganisms. It is equipped with laminar flow hoods, refrigerators, CO2 incubators, water baths, a Vitek analyzer for bacterial identification, spectrophotometers, traditional bacterial culture equipment, and flammable cabinets.

Instrumentation Laboratories: Equipped with an autoclave, TaqMan real-time PCR, FACScan, FACSCalibur, luminometer, spectrophotometer, densitometer, Luminex 100 and BioRobot 8000.

The Biomedical Instrumentation Center at USU is a core facility staffed with trained personnel to assist with flow cytometry, imaging and proteomic/genomics. Equipment available includes an EPICS ELITE ESP cell sorter, EPICS XLMCL cell analyzer, Amnis ImageStream imaging flow cytometer, LSR II, Luminex 100, and confocal, fluorescence, and electron microscopes.