Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation (MEIR) Course

The Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation (MEIR) Course is post- graduate level instruction concerning the biomedical consequences of radiation exposure, how the effects can be reduced, and how to medically manage casualties. The training includes nuclear incidents that can occur on or off the battlefield and that go beyond nuclear weapons events. It covers thoroughly all four of the key subjects: health physics, biological effects of radiation, medical/health effects, and psychological effects.

Course length and location—The on-site course is a 2-4 day event taught throughout the year at major U.S. military bases throughout the United States and abroad. The course length depends on the needs of the unit and its personnel being served.

Who should participate—The in-person MEIR Course provides valuable information for military medical personnel, including physicians, nurses, medical planners, and first responders.

Course content—The postgraduate-level course addresses the following topics as requested:

  1. Fundamentals of ionizing radiation
  2. Ionizing radiation interactions with cells and organs
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of acute radiation syndromes and combined injuries
  4. Psychological effects of radiation exposure
  5. Internal radiation contamination
  6. Radiological defense
  7. Radioprotection
  8. Hazards of ionizing radiation
  9. Radiation pathology
  10. Human exposure resulting from radiation accidents
  11. Consequences of nuclear weapons detonation
  12. Nuclear accident response by government organizations