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Associate Professor

Candidates for promotion to Assistant Professor must be fully credentialed, should participate in appropriate professional organizations, and should have an outstanding record of patient care. Associate professors have demonstrated clear capacity for sustained achievement and productivity in teaching, research, professional service, and clinical service. Assistant Professors are eligible to apply for promotion to Associate Professor after 6-9 years as an Assistant Professor, however, this timeline may be adjusted in the case of extraordinary achievements by the candidate. Associate Professors should have a regional to national reputation.  The guidelines below describe targeted Scholarship levels for Associate Professors, and the full guidelines can be found in USU Instruction 1100A:



An average of  5-10 peer-reviewed publications or their equivalent based primarily on the candidate’s contributions and impact of the work. It is recognized that service obligations may interrupt research activities and diminish productivity. Please provide documentation of these events for consideration in the evaluation of this scholarship.



As detailed in USU Instruction 1100A, at this point candidates for Associate Professor should have many Level 1 experiences, and should be able to demonstrate evidence of developing and achieving some Level 2 experiences. Any Level 3 experiences should please be included in the application packet as well. The teaching levels are summarized below from USU Instruction 1100A:


Level One:  Individual classroom and/or department

  • Can provide effective transfer of knowledge and/or skills
  • Can show students how to think critically and purposefully, and help develop students’ self-directed learning skills
  • Active participation in Department teaching activities: presenting lectures, advising students, mentoring students and fellows, organizing journal clubs, teaching small groups, etc.
  • Meritorious teaching evaluations from students and peers


Level Two:  Individual classroom and/or department

  • Creates teaching materials (ex. clinical case materials, courses, curriculum)
  • Supervises students and research projects
  • Creates novel techniques or methods (software, videotapes, workshops) for teaching
  • Assumes teaching leadership roles (course, module, clerkship, residency, or fellowship director)
  • Invited to present outside of the department (courses, Grand Rounds, local and national meetings)
  • Runs regional continuing education courses


Level Three:  At the national and/or international level

  • Publications on health professional education (hypothesis-driven research, methodology, outcome assessment competency, and curriculum reform)
  • Peer review and acceptance of published and circulated materials
  • Develops educational material other than print (video, computer programs, Internet) which is utilized outside of USU
  • Experiments with, analyzes and evaluates alternative teaching materials and approaches
  • Publishes syllabi and textbooks
  • Assumes an institutional level policy-making administrative role
  • Consistently participates in national educational activities  (Residency Review committees, re-certification, symposia, etc.)
  • Invited to be a visiting scholar at other institutions
  • Reputation beyond USUHS for being an innovative educator (evidenced by reference letters, invitations to present at national and international conferences, serving on journal boards, and serving on national and international committees for education)

Institutional Citizenship

Candidates for Associate Professor should show evidence of leadership or major contributions to USU and/or affiliated hospital departmental and institutional committees, and/or mission-related administrative functions.


Please visit the Promotion page of this site to learn more about the application process and documentation requirements for promotion to Associate Professor. If you have any questions about the promotion process please contact the Anesthesiology Academic Mentoring Committee.