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Faculty Appointment and Promotions

All policy related to academic appointment and promotion in the School of Medicine is governed by the USU Policy for the Academic Administration of the Faculty (USU Instruction 1100A). The information on this site is designed to help you understand the academic ranks, roles and responsibilities, and process for academic promotion at USU.  


Faculty appointments and promotions at USUHS progress in a stepwise fashion following the guidelines set forth in the USU Instruction 1100A. USU provides multiple academic pathways for faculty that depend on professional activities, experience, and contributions. Most uniformed anesthesiologists follow the “Clinician Educator Pathway,” emphasis is placed on contributions as clinicians and educators; less emphasis is placed on research. Anesthesiologists who exclusively do clinical and administrative work with little educational activities might, instead, have the Clinician prefix with their academic rank. Anesthesiologists who are actively engaged in research in addition to clinician and educator roles follow a "general" pathway and are evaluated in all three areas of professional work. Other faculty members may be primary researchers (Research prefix), infrequent contributors (Adjunct prefix), or teachers (educator pathway)l, or retired and still contributing meaningfully (Emeritus prefix). Eligibility for each academic rank is demonstrated and evaluated in the Scholarship areas of Discovery/Integration, Achievement in Teaching, Application, and Institutional Citizenship.


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Please visit the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor pages to read more about the eligibility criteria for each Academic rank and pathways within each rank. To learn about the promotion process please visit the promotion page. 


To inquire about faculty appointment, promotion, or academic mentoring please contact the Anesthesiology Academic Mentoring Committee