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Medical Student Education

MS III & MS IV Clerkships

All students are required to complete ANR 4200 Anesthesia Clerkship or ANR 4202 Anesthesia Selective prior to graduation.  Either course can be taken as an MS3 (during a selective slot) or MS4.  Prior to the start of the rotation students will gain access to the appropriate Sakai course room, which provides rotation guidelines and requirements.  At the end of the rotation Sakai will also be used for the end-of-rotation exam. 

After completing ANR 4200 or ANR 4202, students are eligible to participate in ANR 4222 Expanded Anesthesia Experience- Anesthesia Clerkship or ANR 4223 Expanded Anesthesia Experience- Anesthesia Selective.  These courses allow students to expand and build on their first Anesthesia rotation experience, and follow the ANR 4200 Clerkship and ANR 4202 Selective experiences, except students are exempt from the final exam requirement (all other requirements remain). 

After completing ANR 4200 or ANR 4202, students can also participate in the ANR 4220  Pain Selective and/or ANR 4230 Research Selective (established with Dr. Ottolini).  Additionally, it is possible to arrange for rotations that are not in the catalog, but this should be done well in advance, and in coordination with the Clerkship Director in order to assure that the rotation is appropriate, and that a grade is received.

Information about these courses can be found on the Registar's website (Clerkship Course Catalog).  Additionally, students can access course information, as well as department policies related to change requests, attendance, etc. in the Guidelines for Anesthesia Rotations.  Please direct any additional questions to the Anesthesia Clerkship Coordinator (

Students who have an interest in training in Anesthesiology are encouraged to contact departmental staff during third year, or as early as possible in the fourth year, to discuss scheduling electives, as well as to coordinate the application process.


Clerkship Contact Information 

Clerkship Director
COL Eric Holt
Clerkship Coordinator 
Kellie Nealeigh 

ASA Student Membership

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has created a new category of membership for medical students. The benefits of membership for these new medical students will include:

  • The journal Anesthesiology each month.
  • Annual Directory of Members.
  • Representation and updates on federal legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Complimentary registration at ASA's Annual Meeting.

Cost: $10.00 annual student membership.

If you are interested in becoming a medical student member of the ASA, please contact Kali Holloway at for additional information. 


This student portal page offers resources on learning more about the Anesthesia profession, Anesthesia sites, and Anesthesia-related study materials.