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Promotion Information

Promotion in academic rank is an honor and recognition of your accomplishments and contributions.  It comes with an expectation to continue to contribute meaningfully to the academic community.  As an ANE faculty member, we will ask you to continue to support medical students, residents, and faculty in their pursuit of academic anesthesiology through research and academic mentorship.  We believe your mentorship and support will provide opportunity for others in our large national faculty to be as successful as you have been in your career.


The promotion process follows the policies set forth by USUHS (USU Instruction 1100A).  To be appointed as an Instructor or Assistant Professor, candidates follow the process described in USU Instruction 1100A. To be promoted to Associate Professor or to Professor your package will be reviewed first by the Department of Anesthesiology (ANE) Academic Mentoring Committee.  The Academic Mentoring Committee is made up of your peers and experienced academicians who will help you to understand the requirements for each academic rank and, if appropriate, to prepare your required documentation for the ANE Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (CAPT).  The ANE CAPT will ensure you meet all the qualifications for the rank and pathway under consideration.  The ANE CAPT makes a formal recommendation to the Chair, USU ANE, who decides whether to endorse the recommendation. If the Chair decides to move the package forward, then outside letters of review are sought, and the entire package (i.e. materials prepared by the candidate, recommendation of the ANE CAPT, outside letters, and Chair’s letter) are sent to the School of Medicine (SOM) CAPT. The SOM CAPT reviews all materials submitted and makes a recommendation to the Dean, SOM, who, in turn, makes a recommendation to the President of USU. The recommendation of the President of USU is sent to the USU Board of Regents, who makes the final determination. The whole process usually takes 6-12 months from the time the ANE CAPT determines that your package is ready to be forwarded to the ANE Chair and officially approved by the Board of Regents. If you have any questions about this process please contact the Anesthesiology Academic Mentoring Committee.


Promotion Eligibility

Promotion from one rank to another is not granted based solely on time in each rank, rather, by your clinical, educational, professional, and scholarly accomplishments and contributions. The progression in these levels is fully detailed in USU Instruction 1100A, and a summary of the eligibility requirements for each rank can be found on the Associate Professor and Professor pages.


Application for Promotion

Please submit the following documents to the Anesthesiology Academic Mentoring Committee for consideration for academic promotion:


1. CV (in AAMC Format)

 The CV must be up to date and in the AAMC format.  Please follow the AAMC format template meticulously. If your CV is not in this exact format, it will be returned to you.  This is a requirement not only of USU but of most allopathic medical schools in the US. For USU, your CV also should include your uniformed rank, roles, activities, and awards. 


2. Educator’s Portfolio

 The educator’s portfolio should include documentation of all of your activities as an educator.  Remember, as a clinician-educator, there is a focus on your accomplishments as an educator. Information should be included regarding lectures/sessions given; courses/programs designed; advising/counseling/coaching of small groups and individual learners. In addition, reviews by learners, peers, and supervisors of your performance and contributions as an educator should be included in this portfolio. Use the educator’s portfolio as a template for documenting your work.  


3. Personal Statements

Teaching Philosophy Statement. This statement is important to provide regardless of your "pathway" and is particularly a focus of reviewers if you are in the Clinician-Educator of Teacher pathways.

This is a 2-page or so, single spaced clear statement about your personal philosophy of learning and instruction.  This statement is your opportunity to explain your goals, approach, opinions, values, and techniques as an educator for your learners and for yourself. It likely will be based in large part on your years of experience as a learner and teacher. Use this link for guidance. 

Scholarly Statement. This statement is required if you are a Research prefixed faculty member and if you are in the "general" pathway. It is highly recommended (but optional) if you are in the Clinical-Educator pathway. 

This is a 2-page or so, single spaced description of the focus, themes, and/or topics of your scholarly work. It helps reviewers understand how your research and scholarly works fit together, why you have studied particular topics, and how you keep yourself up-to-date about relevant scholarship in ANE and related disciplines.


 4. Representative samples of your scholarly work 

You will need to provide the Anesthesia Academic Mentoring Committee with copies of your scholarly work in .pdf format as an Appendix. This normally refers to published manuscripts.  Unpublished or “submitted” manuscripts do not qualify.  Ideally, the works should be published within the last 5 years.  First authorship or senior authorship is significant, so it is important to include any such manuscripts.  If you are not a first or senior author, select the manuscripts that have had the most impact in your area of expertise. Please provide 4-5 manuscripts.


 5. Possible external reviewer names and contact information

When your package is submitted to the ANE Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (CAPT), you will need to provide the CAPT with 3-5 names of individuals able to write an external letter of evaluation for you.  This is not a letter of recommendation.  These individuals must be outside the military system, at the rank you are advancing to or higher (i.e. associate professor or full professor), and each must be from a different institution.  All external reviews are to be only solicited by the Anesthesia Academic Mentoring Committee or Chair of ANE. That is, you should not contact the individuals you list to ask them if they will recommend you for promotion. Only 1 of the external reviewers may know you personally (mentor or supervisor). If you have difficulties identifying potential reviewers, contact the Anesthesiology Academic Mentoring Committee


 6. USU Form 107

 Please review this example form. This form is only for advancement.  For an initial appointment, use the form on the faculty appointment website.