Sakai 19 Quick Start Guides

The ETI has worked with the Sakai Help team to develop a set of quick start guides for using version 19 of the Sakai learning management system (LMS). 

Guides for the following Sakai tools are available (Click the name to open the guide as a PDF):

Sakai 19 Videos

The ETI has developed a set of videos that can help you get oriented to the tools in Sakai 19.

The “What’s New” videos listed below focus on some of the enhancements to tools and functionality that you will see in Sakai 19.

The “Overview” videos listed below provide you with a more in-depth introduction to each of the main tools in Sakai.

Please note that your viewing experience depends on the quality of your internet connection and the amount of time the video has been buffering. If the video looks blurry, you may want to adjust the size of your viewing window or pause the video for 15-20 seconds to allow it to buffer.