Are you ready for your close-up? Need to punch up your existing online media?
Ever wanted to present your lecture from a different location but don’t want to travel?
Why not use the Green Room to help?

The ETI maintains a video production studio with state of the art video recording equipment available by appointment to all USU faculty members.
Contact the ETI at sends e-mail) to set up your appointment to discuss the art of the possible today!

Are you ready to take your online presentations to the next level?

Take a look at this Guidelines and Rubrics PDF to help get started with your presentation.



Below is general information for Green Room users about the process for creating 20 minutes or less of basic video for courses. Detailed requirements and a timeline are provided in the ETI Works project site in Sakai, in the Green Room area.

The ETI suggests that for best results and greater likelihood of  availability of the Green Room, faculty make contact with the ETI 30 days before they wish to record. For those who make contact less than 30 days before they wish to record, the ETI will attempt to accommodate the desired timeline, but this will be based on staff and room availability.

Meet with the ETI Team to discuss your Green Room needs and schedule a recording date
  1. A meeting early in the planning stages of your work  allows you to discuss details of your project, review your requirements with the ETI team, establish a point of contact (POC) for work in the Green Room, develop familiarity with the Green Room’s tools and capabilities, and formally coordinate a schedule. 
Prepare yourself and your materials  
  1. Learn about the Green Room: Make sure to review the General Green Room Guide found in the ETI Works project site in Sakai.
  2. Prepare slides: For best video results, use clean, simple slides:  Ensure limited use of words on slides and remember to practice.
  3. Set up your course:  If you will be using Sakai and linking your videos to your course, contact sends e-mail) to set up your Sakai course. You can work with your ETI POC to create a Panopto site to house your videos and link them from Sakai.
  4. Plan for scripts/transcripts:  Creating a script in advance will save you time as well as that of the technician.  It will also result in a higher quality product and make 508 compliance easier. Scripts created in advance of recording can be placed in a teleprompter to support your recording.  If a script is not created before recording, a transcript should be created after recording for 508 compliance.
  5. Consider use of a teleprompter: A teleprompter is available in the Green Room. Consider using a teleprompter if you do not know your presentation well, or if you want to be sure you follow exact wording. If you have never used a teleprompter before, consider scheduling time to practice using it before you start recording.
Send your materials
  1. Before you record, you will need to send PowerPoints (and scripts) to the Green Room POC established at the initial meeting.  This will enable the technician to understand the flow of the content, determine how best to integrate audio and video and identify any potential challenges.
Come to the Green Room to record
Review your materials
  1. Be prepared to review all materials for accuracy.

ETI will post it to the video server when complete.

For more detailed information on process and timelines, USU faculty can visit our Sakai ETI Works project site when logged into Sakai.