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BIC is located on the ground floor of B building in rooms G014, G230 - G242.

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Genomics: Services and Fees

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Custom oligonucleotides up to 100 nucleotides in length can be produced at various synthesis scales. We can produce up to several milligram quantities of high-quality oligonucleotides for use as primers, probes, or for other applications. Specialized nucleotides, fluorescent labels, and other derivatives can also be added. Synthesized oligonucleotides are aliquoted into individual tubes, quantitated, and lyophilized. Turn-around time is usually 1-2 business days.

Oligo Synthesis ScaleCost
100 nM$0.40/base
1 uM$1.50/base
10 uM$20.00/oligo
Oligo Purification$20.00/oligo


DNA Sequencing

The ABI 3500xL Genetic Analyzer is a fully automated, fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis platform that simultaneously analyzes 24 DNA samples. It is capable of running a wide variety of DNA templates for sequencing with sequence results yielding 700 to 1000 bases (depending on the length and quality of the template DNA.)

The facility routinely uses BigDye V3.1 but also supports BigDye versions 1.1 or 3.1. For the convenience of a researcher who is not doing large scale sequencing protocols, we offer for purchase the BigDye V3.1 reaction mix in 80 ul aliquots (1/10 of the whole kit, enough to do 20 sequencing reactions at 4 ul/reaction.)

DNA SequencingCost
Sequencing Reaction$18/sample
DNA Fragmentation Analysis$10/sample
Regular sample (reaction is done)$ 5.00/sample
96 wells samples (reaction is done)$384.00 /plate, $4.00/sample
 ddPCR performed by user$96 /plate
ddPCR performed by Core Lab$3/samples