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BIC is located on the ground floor of B building in rooms G014, G230 - G242.

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Microscopic Imaging: Services and Fees


BIC Microscopic Imaging can help you get the data you need to advance your research project. We are happy to assist you with all aspects of microscopic imaging including design of experiments, selection of fluorescent tags, instrument training, and image analysis and interpretation.

For more information about our services please contact our staff members


Hourly Fee
(no assistance)

Leica AF6000


Zeiss Axioscan


Zeiss Elyra.PS1


Zeiss Lightsheet Z1


Zeiss 700 confocal


Zeiss 980


Zeiss 7MP electrophysiology





All training and user support is billed at $20/hr. For assistance or questions about the Zeiss 7MP electrophysiology system, please contact Dr. Fritz Lischka. For all other systems, see Dr. Dennis McDaniel.

Electron Microscopy

Complete specimen preparation for standard EM
Includes fixation (aldehyde and/or OsO4), dehydration in ethanol or acetone, infiltration of resin, polymerization, sectioning, and post-staining of grids. Up to 10 grids with sections will be provided to customer.

Partial specimen preparation for standard EM
fixation (aldehyde and/or OsO4)
dehydration in ethanol or acetone
infiltration and polymerization of resin
sectioning (up to 10 grids)
uranyl acetate and/or lead citrate post-staining (up to 10 grids)


Imaging and analysis
Examination of grids and collection of digital images

Additional services
immunogold labeling (investigator must supply primary and secondary antibodies) - up to 10 grids

negative staining
standard specimen prep charges + $100/antibody/sample



Additional charges may apply if a project requires materials not normally stocked by the EM facility and not provided by the investigator.