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Biostatistics Consulting Center

The Biostatistics Consulting Center (BCC), a service of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics, provides statistical consulting to USUHS scientific investigators engaged in the

  • design of studies and experiments
  • statistical and graphical analysis of data
  • choice, application, interpretation, and reporting of statistical methods
  • preparation of presentations and publications
  • revision of papers, based on referee's comments.

The purposes of the BCC are twofold: To improve the quality of USUHS research by providing statistical advice regarding study design, analysis, and reporting. To encourage collaborative research between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines.


The BCC provides advice at all stages of the research process, from study design to presentation of results, for researchers who have a specific question and for those who want general advice and ideas about performing their statistical analysis. SAS and SPSS users may come to the BCC for help getting started with the software, troubleshooting programs, and interpreting printouts.
Simple questions and short-term assistance are handled free of charge.For lengthy or complex projects, the BCC can help identify potential collaborators among the Biostatistics faculty. Consulting is available by appointment (see contact info below for appointments).


The BCC consists of two faculty members in Preventive Medicine and Biometrics.
David F. Cruess, Ph.D., Professor and Deputy Chair for Biometrics, is the part-time Director of the BCC.
Cara Olsen, Research Assistant Professor, is the full-time Biostatistics Consultant. The following faculty members may participate as Biostatistics Consultants on a part-time basis for specific projects: