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Chaplain David Alexander's Welcome

CDR David Alexander, PhD, CHC, USN

 CDR David W. Alexander, PhD, CHC, USN

Office: (301) 295-3193
DSN: (312) 295-3193


Chaplain Alexander serves as the campus chaplain for the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS).  He is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Military & Emergency Medicine and a research program manager for the Consortium for Health & Military Performance (CHAMP).

Like all military chaplains, Chaplain Alexander is dedicated to upholding the free exercise of religion in our community, dedicated to providing supportive spiritual and psychosocial care to all (with complete confidentiality), and dedicated to helping everyone in the community strengthen their individual conscience for life and work.

The Office of the Chaplain at USUHS also functions as a portal to religious support and religious activities located throughout the region. If you are looking to connect with a faith community in the region, or to attend a faith-based retreat aimed at personal growth or family enrichment, we can help.

Since the days of the first Continental Congress in 1775, military chaplains have served with American forces in peacetime and in war, and they have been available day and night to creatively meet the needs of their people. Here it is no different. On the USUHS campus, the Office of the Chaplain is located just inside of Building C, to the right of the entrance.