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CDR Leroy Mack, CHC, USN

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Welcome to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences! As the USUHS Religious Ministry Team, we want to provide for your free exercise of religion. All the staff, students, and their families can call on our support. We offer non-judgmental and confidential pastoral counseling, worship opportunities, and training that supports character development and spiritual formation.

The Command Religious Program is embedded in the Brigade and functions as a part of the military team that will prepare you for your essential staff position as a medical professional. Our approach is holistic and we strive to maintain an environment that fosters your growth mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

If you are exploring your faith, wrestling with challenges, or would just like to talk, we are here for you! Our office is located just inside of Building C, right of the entrance. Please stop by or send us an email

 Religious Services at the University

Since the university mission revolves around our students, so does the design of our religious program. Faith-specific student associations are formed according to student interest. Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the student associations as mentors, just as they do academically. Within regulations under the University President and the Brigade Commander (and administered by the Office of the Chaplain), the student associations are self-governed to meet the needs and interests of their constituents. Currently, we have the following religious groups at the university:

  • Catholic Student Medical Association
  • Christian Medical & Dental Associations
  • Latter-Day Saint Student Association
  • Others can form as requested

Religious Services at Naval Support Activity Bethesda

The main chapel program for the installation is located at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which is just a few minutes' walk from our main campus. Services and meetings are offered according to the following schedule. For more information on these services, you may contact the WRNMMC Pastoral Care Department at (301) 295-4633.

Christian Bible Study 
Tuesday and Thursday, 1200, Lounge (Bldg. 8, Rm 2233)

Christian Women's Bible Study 
Wednesday, 1215, Lounge (Bldg. 8, Rm 1331)

Hindu Yoga Meditation
Monday, 1200, Conference Room (Bldg. 8, Rm 2230)

Islamic Daily Zuhr Prayer & Study
Monday - Thursday, 1330, Chapel (Bldg. 8)

Islamic Jum'ah Prayer
Friday, 1300, Chapel (Bldg. 8)

Jewish Torah Study
(Will resume January 2016 when the inbound Rabbi arrives)

Latter-Day Saints Sacramental Service 
Sunday, 1230, Chapel (Bldg. 8)

Protestant Worship Service 
Sunday, 1030, Chapel (Bldg. 8)

Roman Catholic Mass 
Monday-Thursday, 1200, Chapel (Bldg. 8) 
Friday, 1100, Chapel (Bldg. 8) 
Sunday, 0900, Chapel (Bldg. 8)

Local Retreats and Workshops

Retreats and programs for individual personal growth as well as for engaged and married couples are offered in the Naval District Washington Area through the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO), A Chief of Navy Chaplains sponsored program. For information regarding all current offerings, please visit their webpage. All retreats are FREE including registration, accommodations, and meals. Childcare is NOT provided. Retreats are open to active duty and dependent family members only. Some daytime programs are open to civilian employees and contractors as well if they have base access. For additional information and to register, please call (202) 404-8830 or 8831. If you do not get someone by phone, you may contact CREDO by email.