MPO Contacts

Uniformed Services University

4301 Jones Bridge Road, C1016
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799

Director, Military Personnel Office

CW2 Tiera Stanley
USU, C1018
(301) 295-3652

NCOIC, Military Personnel Office

SFC Okechukwu Achigbu
USU, C1016
(301) 400-4068

General Information

(301) 295-3423
Army e-mail Org Box
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Military Personnel Office (MPO)


Our mission is to provide accurate and timely Human Resources support to the Uniformed Services University staff, faculty, and students delivering superior customer service.


Our vision is to build trust within the community while empowering skilled leaders, enhancing Human Resources competencies, and maintaining a standard of excellence.

The  Military Personnel Office (MPO) of the Uniformed Services University (USU) will remain a leader in the military human resource and personnel services field. Planning and executing timely and effective communication will be the key to accomplishing our goal of providing the best customer service. Personalized services will continue to be the focus of MPO operations. The primary function of the MPO will be the direct coordination and efficient operation of Service personnel policies, such as promotions and promotion certificates, military ceremonies, personnel requisitions, military training, commissioning requirements, evaluation reports, and other military personnel actions/requests. Our principal customers will continue to be the faculty, staff, and students of the USU, but our products and services will be recognized and used across the University.



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Activities and Functions

Provides liaison services with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Bethesda, Walter Reed Army Medical Center Military Personnel Division, and the Andrews Air Force Base Military Personnel Flight. Prepares, processes, and coordinates all correspondence and documents related to leave, receipt and transfer, discharge, military pay, officer special and continuation pay (save pay), request for order (RFO), military personnel issues and requests, and appointment letters.

  • Coordinates and monitors Service specific Dependent Care Program, Off-Duty Remunerative Employment Program. Coordinates and administers the Command Sponsor Program, and the Brigade Awards Program. Coordinates and maintains mobilization and personnel files on all Army, Navy, and Air Force reservists (active training) assigned to the University. MPO provides administrative support to the Brigade Reserve Liaison Officer.
  • Provides assistance with the help of Service commanders, commandants, and chain of command dealing with personnel issues. Coordinates and administers staffing assignments and maintains manpower and personnel related databases. Provides management assistance to the USU Brigade and subordinate activities by reviewing organizational structure, tasking, staffing, and work methods; develops recommendations to improve utilization of manpower resources and mission effectiveness.
  • Conducts physical examinations review and follow-up, military information briefings, and telephone follow-up to University applicants to ensure completion of required tests and Service requirements for all medical students.
  • Provides professional expertise in all matters of ceremonial events, USU Brigade policies, and correspondence. Assists in coordination of USU Brigade promotions, and retirements; this includes the announcements, invitations, programs, scripts, flag details, award presentations, logistics, and reception preparations.