Brigade Staff

Contact Information

Brigade Commander

COL Jerome L. Buller
USUHS, C1024
(301) 295-9654

Brigade Headquarters Company Commander

Captain Ronald Calloway, II

Brigade Senior Enlisted Leader

HMCM Jose Romero
USUHS, C1018
(301) 295-2348

Brigade Judge Advocate

Lt Col Nicole Navin
USUHS, C1025
(301) 295-9699
USU Military

Brigade Staff

The Brigade Judge Advocate is responsible for advising the Brigade Commander on all legal matters concerning the Brigade. Their duties include explanation of legal matters pertaining to daily Brigade operations, review of all punitive actions taken by members of the Brigade staff, and coordination and review of all investigations conducted by the command. The Brigade Judge Advocate also provides staff input to the Dean of the School of Medicine and the Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing on legal matters pertaining to students, staff and faculty.

Lt Col Nicole M. Navin, USAF, Brigade Judge Advocate
Room C-1025
(301) 295-9699



Brigade Adjutant/(MAP) Manager

YN1 Alonzo Aguilar
(301) 295-9651

Brigade Senior Service Advisors

COL John Barrett
(301) 295-9757

CAPT John Gilstad
(301) 295-9213

Col Mary Brueggemeyer
(301) 319-6974

Brigade Operations Officer

The Brigade Operations Officer coordinates all military field exercises conducted by the University and oversees and enforces the various military requirements that the military services require of their members. This includes managing all the logistics of conducting field exercises involving hundreds of personnel as well as ensuring that the Commander's training and career development programs are carried out and documented appropriately.

CPT Jose Real
USUHS, C1041
(301) 295-3637