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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
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2787 Winfield Scott Road, Bldg 2398
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7510

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Yes.  The Uniformed Services University (USU) is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). As a college of USU, the CAHS enjoys the benefit of MSCHE accreditation.

The primary student populations are Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists service members, and civil service employees attending technical training programs, as well as technical instructors, on orders at the Medical Education and Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio Texas.  There are other instructional sites in California, Ohio, Connecticut, and Texas where students are enrolled when attending technical training at those locations.  See list of degree programs with implementation / start dates included with answer to question number 9 below. 

No.  There are no fees or costs for eligible individuals to attend the college.

Each military technical training program is unique.  You can see the names, number of credits, and course descriptions of all courses included in your specialty training program in the CAHS catalog.

CAHS official transcripts (issued directly to colleges, universities and other institutions) and unofficial transcripts (issued to individuals) are provided by the USU Registrar’s Office.  You can request official transcripts free of charge using the university’s website (see below).  If you are currently in Phase II training, it is recommended that you complete your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Navy Enlisted Code (NEC), or Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) awarding training before ordering your transcript so that credits for all of your training can be reflected on it.

Complete an official transcript request form (See Question 5) and have the transcript sent to the address provided by the accrediting agency.

Individuals selected to attend training in any of the following MOS, NEC, or AFSC awarding programs complete applications for enrollment upon the start of training and are eligible to pursue a degree for their assigned specialty with the CAHS.

MOS, NEC and AFSC awarding programs:

Cytotechnology Technician

EMT Paramedic

Histology Technician

Independent Duty Corpsmen (Submarine)

Independent Duty Corpsmen (Surface)

Medical Laboratory Technician

Neurodiagnostic Technician

Nuclear Medicine Technician

Nutrition Science

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Radiological Technologist

Preventive Medicine Technician

Urology Technician

Consult your training Program Director for any additional programs that may be eligible for college credits.

Yes, if you are assigned as an instructor at the Medical Education Training Campus, you can enroll in the Associate of Science Health Sciences, Education & Training Administration & Leadership degree program.  To enroll with CAHS, visit the METC headquarters (Building 1291, first floor) and speak with a USU Registration Specialist for assistance. You may email with any questions. 

The following technical training programs began receiving resident college credits from CAHS on the dates indicated.  If you attended one of the programs beginning on or after the listed date, you earned credits from CAHS.

List of programs:

Public Health Technician (Preventive Medicine) – 12 March 2018

Nuclear Medicine Technician – 11 July 2018

Medical Laboratory Technician – 31 July 2018

Histology Technician – 4 March 2019

Urology Technician – 21 March 2019

Neurodiagnostic Technician – 27 March 19

Health Physics Specialist – 23 April 2019 (Follow on course for Army Public Health Technicians)

Nutrition Science – 30 May 2019

Cytotechnology Technician – 31 July 2019

Occupational Therapy Assistant – 7 August 2019

Radiological Technologist – 26 August 2019

EMT Paramedic – 10 January 2020

Independent Duty Corpsmen (Submarine) – 23 January 2020

Independent Duty Corpsmen (Surface) – 14 February 2020

Consult your training Program Director for any additional programs that may be eligible for college credits.

The CAHS offers Associates of Science Health Sciences (ASHS) and Bachelors of Science Health Sciences (BSHS) degrees with major fields of study or degree specializations the same as technical training programs’ specialties (see list of programs included with answer to question number 8).

Yes.  After submission of a consent form, Army, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard personnel Joint Service Transcripts (JST) are ordered by CAHS on their behalf and evaluated to determine applicability of military training credits toward CAHS degree requirements.  The CAHS personnel does not have the capability to order Community College of the Air Force transcripts; therefore, Air Force students must have their official CCAF transcripts submitted to CAHS for evaluation.

Yes. Once a student at CAHS, each individual is required to submit official transcripts from all colleges and / or universities previously attended.  After receipt, transcripts are reviewed and evaluated by CAHS Academic Advisors and USU Registrar’s Office personnel to determine applicability of credits for transfer to CAHS degree programs.

 Mail Transcripts To:  USU College of Allied Health Sciences

                                             Attn: Office of the Registrar

                                             2787 Winfield Scott Rd. Bldg 2398, Ste 220

                                             JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

         Email To: CAHS‐transcript‐

NOTE:  A transcript is considered official only if it is delivered directly to the CAHS from the issuing institution electronically (emailed), by postal mail or other delivery services.  If hand delivered, the envelope from the issuing institution must be unopened.

No.  Students are responsible for paying transcripts request fees.

Exception: METC instructors who are being appointed as CAHS faculty may be able to get official transcripts at no cost. Please contact your Program Faculty Manager in the METC Faculty Credentialing Department for details.

Yes.  You can send an email inquiry to: CAHS‐transcript‐  On the email’s
Subject Line type: your last name Transcript Verification (example:  Jones Transcript Verification)

After receipt of all your official transcripts, your degree plan is completed by an Academic Advisor and sent to the email address you provided during registration.

Send an email with your questions to You may also use the contact information from the email you received with your degree plan to contact the Academic Advisor who provided your plan. On the email’s Subject Line type: your last name and program name (example:  Smith, Medical Laboratory Technician). In your email, please clearly provide the following information: 

  • Your full name
  • Your branch of service
  • Name of program you are attending or attended
  • The date the program started

It depends on when you complete all degree requirements.  The college has three graduations per year (May, August and December). If you complete all requirements and are confirmed for graduation by the Registrar’s Office before the graduation month, you will be contacted via email sometime during the graduation month.  The email contact will afford you the opportunity to provide the exact name you want on your diploma and the address you want it mailed to. Your diploma will be sent to you at the address provided 6 to 8 weeks following the graduation date.