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Definition of "Conference"

The DoD Conference Guidance September 23, 2015 defines  "'Conference' in the Joint Travel Regulations as, "[a] meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, or event that involves attendee travel. The term 'conference' also applies to training activities that are considered to be conferences under 5 CFR 410.404." "Conferences subject to DoD Conference Guidelines are also often referred to by names other than 'conference' such as... "conventions, expositions, symposiums, seminars, workshops, or exhibitions. They typically involve topical matters of interest to, and the participation of, multiple agencies and/or non-governmental participants. Indicia of a formal conference often include but are not limited to registration, registration fees, a published substantive agenda, and scheduled speakers or discussion panels." "Events within the local duty location that do not require travel authorization may also qualify as a conference for the purposes of this guidance."

 If you are unsure if the educational event you are hosting meets the DoD definition of a "conference", contact

Hosting Request Process

If your event falls within the definition of a DoD "conference", you must obtain official approval to host the educational actiivity.  This official approval will also faciliate attendance by your targeted DoD personnel.  

  • Events costing less than $20,000, held in a federal facility, no food or refreshments provided, not co-sponsored, and no registration fees or attendee travel:  no hosting request required.
  • Regularly Recurring Events costing $20,000 - <$100,000, held in a federal facility, not co-sponsored, and no food or refreshments provided:  submit the following to a minimum of 4 weeks prior to any publicity or promotional announcement: to obtain confirmation that you will qualify for this exemption from DoD review.

Hosting Request v2
Enclosure 7 DoD Hosted Expense worksheet 
Agenda with dates and list of faculty
Publicity or invitational letter
If applicable, a copy of the front page of the funding source (grant, contract, etc)



Events costing less than $100,000 and meeting the other conditions (held in a federal facility, no food served, not co-sponsored, etc) can be approved internally at USU, so the timeline for requests to host is 4 weeks prior to publicity dessimination or registration.  

Higher levels of approval are required for events that cost $100,000 or more, so these requests must be submited a minimum of 150 days (5 months) in advance of your registration or publicity announcements; do not sign any contracts or commit to co-sponsors without approval of your request to host. DoD requires 120 days for review; USU must review and approve your request prior to submission to DoD.


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