CGHE Portfolio

CGHE Activities

CGHEAt the request of Combatant Commands (CCMDs) and other DoD GHE stakeholders, CGHE supports program/project management and coordination of several DoD GHE initiatives across all geographic CCMD areas of responsibility.
  • On behalf of USAFRICOM, CGHE manages the medical component of the African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership, a U.S. Department of State-funded program that builds the capacity of African militaries to rapidly deploy peacekeepers.
  • On behalf of DTRA, CGHE facilitates activities to enhance biosafety, biosecurity, and biosurveillance in Jordan, Uzbekistan, and South Korea, with planned expansion to support regional activities in USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM, and USINDOPACOM.

  • On behalf of GEIS and at the request of Geographic CCMD Surgeons, CGHE facilitated Disease Surveillance Strategic Planning Workshops at each geographic CCMD, which included representatives from the commands, GEIS, service components, regional service laboratories, DTRA/BTRP, CDC, and others.

CGHE also provides technical advisory support across the DoD GHE enterprise to assist with institutionalizing DoD GHE via joint processes and procedures as well as socializing DoD GHE concepts in multiple forums.