Capabilities Statement

Capabilities Statement

 Our Value Proposition:

  • CGHE has engaged with 3,000+ government, civilian and military officials in 50+ countries since 1998.

  • CGHE is uniquely postured to access subject matter experts in all relevant areas for DoD GHE, disaster preparedness, and security cooperation.

  • CGHE staff, with a combined 130+ years of experience, operates successfully in multicultural contexts and in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

  • CGHE applies the highest professional standards to its work, with expert program design and thorough execution, development, and delivery of a wide range of impactful courses and implementation of sound research, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation practices.

CGHE Core Competencies in Global Health:

  • Training and Education

  • Programs and Operational Support

  • Research and Scholarship

  • Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

  • Strategic Partnership

Current and Legacy Programs:

  • Global Capacity Building:

    • Defense Threat Reduction Agency Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (DTRA-CBEP)

    • U.S. Pacific Command Pacific Asia India Resilience - Disaster Preparedness Initiative (PAIR-DPI)

    • Combatant Commands Disease Surveillance Coordination Project 

    • African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership

  • Course Offerings:

    • Fundamentals of GHE (FOGHE)

    • Health Context, Culture, and Communication (HCCC)

    • Global Health Strategies for Security (GHSS)

    • Military Medical Humanitarian Assistance Course (MMHAC)

    • USU School of Medicine and Graduate Program Courses

    • Modified and adapted GHE courses as requested

  • Studies:

    • Measures Of Effectiveness in Defense Engagement and Learning (MODEL)

    • Improving Processes and Coordination in Theater (IMPACT)