Health Context Considerations in Global Health

Health Context Considerations in Global Health

USU Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics (PMB) - Global Health Division
Health Context, Culture, and Communication in Global Health- PMO1017

Course Description:

Successful Global health Engagements (GHEs) require a foundational understanding of the country or region's Health Context. Practitioners from both the Department of Defense and the larger Global Health community recognize the need to understand the health context as an enabler for GHE efforts. The cumulative influence of a country's context, socio-cultural background, health culture and communication, determinants of health, and the health system, are all essential to effective GHEs. This course prepares military health professionals to use the health context analysis framework as a standardized tool to collect, organize, and interpret information about a specific country or region and to subsequently inform GHE activities. It develops the students' understanding of the components of a health context analysis framework and to apply the framework to a specific country. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to apply the framework to a designated country to enable the successful design and execution of GHE activities. 

By using the framework to examine a country's health context, students will be able to identify:

  • Critical aspects of the socio-cultural context that influence a country's health sector
  • Root causes of problems or challenges in a country's health sector
  • Capacity gaps in a country's health sector
  • Country needs and priorities in the health sector