CGHEThe Research Division ensures that global health engagement (GHE) research follows a more programmatic-focused research strategy by ensuring high-quality GHE research infrastructure and support for stakeholders that aligns with strategic guidance and policy. Specifically, the Research Division:

  • Works with partners and researchers throughout the Department of Defense to foster and enhance GHE research proposals and opportunities for collaboration within the defense and global health communities, both foreign and domestic
  • Develops, expands, and enhances GHE research that aims to address Joint capability gaps, satisfy needs and requirements identified in guidance and strategic documents, and improve the Joint Force’s ability to sustain and improve the health and resilience of the US military and Partner Nation personnel
  • Engages a number of international and external stakeholders and partners to ensure that it addresses the needs of the defense community and serves as a valuable resource for GHE research support

Request for Proposals (RFP):
The Research Division closed its initial RFP on February 26, 2016.

  • 76 applications were received.
  • Projects submitted largely focused on infectious diseases (46%).
  • Other focus areas included implementation science, chronic diseases, and trauma/injury.
  • 49 proposals are considered applied research, eight are advanced technology projects, seven are pre-clinical/clinical trials, six are health services projects, and three are basic research projects.
  • The most common application focus region (outside the US) was Asia/Pacific, followed closely by Africa.
  • Over 50% of proposals indicated a requested budget of $26,000-$600,000.

Once awards have been made, a brief overview of the selected projects will be posted here.