Education & Training

Training and Education

CGHEThrough several courses and programs, CGHE provides training for personnel within the DoD GHE enterprise as well as interagency and international partners to promote greater understanding of DoD GHE.

The Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement I (FOGHE I) course is a 3-day awareness-level course designed to prepare MHS professionals to better conduct GHE activities. In 2018, CGHE successfully delivered 14 FOGHE courses to over 580 MHS professionals.

The Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement II (FOGHE II) course is a new 2-day global health engagement training course being developed and is meant to be delivered in conjuction with the FOGHE I. This course is targeted for Senior GHE leaders or Planners at the Combatant Command (COCOM) level or Service Component level to provide a fundamental understanding of how to employ GHE as a security cooperation tool. 

The Global Health Strategies for Security Course (GHSS), held annually each spring in the Washington, DC metro area, is a one-week course designed to develop an in-depth understanding of DoD GHE, outline civil and military considerations at the nexus of global health and security, and foster a whole-of-government approach to strengthening USG global health activities. Attendees include representatives from CCMDs, Services, USG interagency, and PNs.

CGHE also supports the Military Medical Humanitarian Assistance Course (MMHAC), a two-day course taught at eight sites nationwide. MMHAC provides health care professionals with tools and skills in the management of vulnerable patient populations, especially infants and children, in austere disaster and crisis situations. CGHE provided support to eight MMHACs in 2018, training over 200 students in the fundamentals of direct patient care in humanitarian missions. 

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the DoD GHE field, CGHE engages in continuous improvement of its courses in order to stay up to date and ensure the courses meet the needs of the Joint Force.