Training and Professional Development

Training and Education

CGHECGHE is a leader in educating DoD and non-DoD partners in areas of global health engagement (GHE) planning, initiation, and sustainment. Our primary goal is to develop and implement GHE training and education to prepare Military Health System (MHS) professionals for the planning and conduct of DoD GHE activities. The program intends to achieve this goal by way of:
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in GHE training across the Services and Combatant Commands;
  • Designing and delivering programs and curricula that encompass a range of GHE activities and are applicable to DoD personnel at various levels across the services and combatant commands; and
  • Coordinating with stakeholders across the interagency and outside the US government for the purpose of developing GHE education and activities.

Courses offerings range from fundamental level–providing a foundation of GHE, to advanced–applying GHE competencies at strategic and operational levels. Courses are held throughout the year in a range of settings and locations (see Calendar of Events). Below is a list of GHE courses currently available:

Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE)
Global Health Strategies for Security (GHSS)
Health Context Considerations in Global Health 
Military Medical Humanitarian Assistance Course (MMHAC)