Military Exercise


CHAMP’s Mission

Optimize Warfighter mission performance and family readiness through leadership, community engagement, education, and conducting and translating human performance research.

CHAMP’s Vision

To be the premier Department of Defense (DoD) translational biomedical resource in the area of military-unique Human Performance Optimization (HPO) for maximizing warrior performance in the operational environment and resilience of the global military family.


CHAMP is the DoD Center of Excellence for integration, translation, & education of all topics related to HPO & Total Force Fitness (TFF) and is a collaborative effort among operational, medical, and research communities and policy makers. We translate research for: military operational applications, practical warrior clinical concerns, and DoD policy development — and are ready to answer all HPO questions. Those questions without clear evidence-based or militarily applicable answers help us identify HPO gaps that must be prioritized and scientifically resolved.