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Facebook Live Event Series

Location: Military OneSource's Facebook Live: @military.1source

Overview of CHAMP Programs: Operation supplement safety and Human Performance Resources by CHAMP

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 9 2020 at 12PM EDT 

Description: This live session will provide an overview of the Consortium for Health and Military Performance and explore how two of its educational programs - Human Performance Resources by CHAMP and Operation Supplement Safety - can benefit the military community. The foundational concepts of the websites, the types of materials accessible there, and what Service Members and their families would gain from visiting HPRC and OPSS will be discussed.

Exercising and hydrating in the heat: Precautions and resources for outdoor workouts

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 16 2020 at 12PM EDT

Description: It is important to take proper precautions when exercising outdoors in the heat. This live session will cover what those precautions are, provide resources to help make informed decisions about outdoor workouts, and provide guidance about staying properly hydrated when exercising in the heat.

Money habits and relationships: Explore feelings and beliefs about money, and ways to communicate more effectively with partners about finances

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 23 2020 at 12PM EDT

Description: For many American couples, the recent pandemic has either compounded existing financial trouble or created entirely new financial issues. Financial stress is often linked with relationship dissatisfaction, increased hostility, and more conflict among couples too. This live session will explore some of the reasons why finances have such a strong influence on couple relationships and why money troubles can evoke such intense emotions. Also, the speaker will discuss strategies that viewers can use to explore their own feelings and beliefs about money- and ways to use those insights to communicate more effectively with their partners when it comes to financial matters. 

Is my supplement safe? Learn how to evaluate the safety of dietary supplements

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 30 2020 at 12PM EDT

Description: This live session will assist you with relevant resources for evaluating the safety of dietary supplements.   

Eating for immunity: Review good food sources that are important for the immune system

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 7 2020 at 12PM EDT

Description: This live session will review good food sources of vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients important to the immune system. 

Mindset matters: Learn how your thinking style has a strong influence on your health and performance

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 14 2020 at 12PM EDT

Description: Your thinking style or pattern has a strong influence on your health and performance. This live discussion will explore what a "mindset" is and how mindsets can influence physiology. The presenters will discuss research on how changing mindsets can influence performance outcomes, and will explore the optimism checklist by the HPRC team at CHAMP, a tool developed by the HPRC team to help Service Members and their families train their mindset.  


Archived Events 

COVID-19 Response: Personal Protective Nutrition (PPN) & Personal Protective Lifestyle (PPL)

Date & Time: August 19, 2020 1PM EDT

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