Academic Promotion

CHR Contact

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Civilian Human Resources
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Office Hrs: 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Phone: (301) 295-3412
Fax: (301) 295-3937

USU Courtyard

CAPT Material

Requirements and Checklist

Instructions and Forms

  • 1100 Appointments, Promotion and Tenure of Faculty
  • 1100A School of Medicine Policies for the Academic Administration of the Faculty
  • 1100B GSN Policy and Prodecdures for Appts, Promotions and Tenure of Faculty
  • 1100C CAHS Policy and Procedures for Appts, Promotions and Tenure of Faculty
  • 1100D PDC Policy and Procedures for Appts, Promotions, and Tenure of Faculty
  • USU Form 107 (CAPT Use Only) Military and/or Civilian Unpaid Faculty [Adobe Arobat]

Board of Regents Information

In order to process appointment, promotion, or tenure packages for the Board of Regents (BOR), all packages (to include CAPT approved packages) that require BOR review must be submitted to the CHR at least 45 days before the scheduled BOR meeting. Packages not submitted within the required time frame will be provided at the next scheduled BOR meeting.

CAPT Packets due to CHR

BOR MTG 11/03/20Packets Due07/28/20
BOR MTG 02/02/21Packets Due10/27/20
BOR MTG 05/14/21Packets Due02/05/21
BOR MTG 08/03/21Packets Due04/27/21
BOR MTG 11/02/21Packets Due07/27/21

Faculty Specialist

Darla Henderson
Commercial #: (301) 295-9429
Fax #: (301) 295-3937

Susana Hoyos
Commercial #: (301) 295-9425
Fax #: (301) 295-3937

Your contact information can be updated 24/7 by sending an email with your changes to


  1. Who is responsible for the CAPT Material?
    Administrative Officer or department representative is responsible in gathering material for their department.
  2. Schedule of BOR meeting?
    BOR meetings are scheduled by BOR representative.
  3. Cut-off dates for CAPT material due?
    Based on BOR dates, please see chart above for cut-off dates.
  4. Applicable titles included in the CAPT/BOR process?
    Professor, Adjunct Professor, Research Professor, Associate Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, Research Associate Professor, Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Professor, Visiting Professor, Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Professor.
  5. What is the process and time limit for reintstating an inactive uniformed faculty member?
    The uniformed faculty member may be reinstated without CAPT review if they have separated within 5 years at the same rank previously held. A request for a higher rank must have CAPT review.
  1. If separated for more than 5 years the request for the previous held rank must be initiated by the department Chair and concurred by the Dean and CAPT Chair.
  2. If the request is for an academic rank higher then previously held, CAPT review will be required.
  3. This rule does not apply to individuals who have an appointment while on active duty and are seeing a new civilian appointment. These individuals must comply with the regulations concerning their Federal civilian appointment.