Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine

CNRM and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF)

Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) was chartered by Congress to support military medical research and education at USU and throughout the US Armed Forces. For the past 25 years, HJF has established a responsive, dynamic, and focused medical research and development support infrastructure. HJF works closely with USU in administering innovative medical research, supporting education and training, and facilitating collaborations between the USU faculty and researchers with private industry, the military and public medical communities. HJF has demonstrated its ability to provide the necessary administrative, management and research support to USU and the military medical community by creating an efficient and cost effective research support infrastructure.

HJF will provide the expert technical and administrative/management support services to facilitate the establishment of the CNRM and support the six Programs under the CNRM. Because the Center will work in conjunction with various Federal entities, HJF will provide a comprehensive personnel infrastructure to ensure the highest quality of research administration and collaboration.

HJF is itself comprised of various departments, all of which aid in supporting its overall mission. The CNRM infrastructure will benefit from the expertise and support from these departments. HJF has a proven track record in hiring experienced research personnel and providing the administrative, logistic, accounting, travel, contracting and management support services necessary to support the CNRM mission.