CNRM Communication & Scientific Writing

Communication & Scientific Writing


Our Communication Manager conducts a variety of internal and external mission-driven initiatives that nurture positive relationships with our stakeholders. We care deeply about our staff, scientific investigators, collaborators, and, especially, Service Members with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Whether through sponsored events, internal messages, or informational materials; we value our communication efforts because they are an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders.


Scientific Writing 

Our Scientific Writer produces and edits content for published materials, such as manuscripts, brochures, newsletters, presentations, posters, and other scientific publications. He generates and edits content for technical documents (e.g., grants, proposals, protocols, and reports) and provides project management for large, complex, and interdisciplinary writing projects. His proficiency in neuroscience and technical expertise ensures our written material reflects the great work and rigorous standards of our scientists.