CNRM Communication & Scientific Writing


No one operates alone. We live in a global society that exists by way of relationships that are birthed from and nourished by communication. Hence, words and actions matter because they can either strengthen bonds or weaken ties. Words and actions also have major financial impacts for organizations because they can either catalyze advancements or veer efforts off course.

Our Communication Manager knows that strong relationships are CNRM’s most powerful and valued asset. Like us, she believes in quality over quantity and takes care to participate in meaningful exchanges and thoughtful dialogues with our various stakeholders. She applies various communication methods to a variety of initiatives that enhance our existing relationships and build new ones.

Whether through planning sponsored events; crafting internal messages and informational materials; creating monthly newsletters and reports; or managing our website and social media; our Communications Manager ensures our stakeholders are continuously informed, engaged, and inspired to help make a difference in the lives of service members with traumatic brain injury.