Recruitment Core

Recruitment Core

Recruitment Core

The major functions of the Recruitment Core are as follows:

  • Provide a coordinated pathway for research participant identification, screening, and referral as an efficient and patient-friendly process to enroll in our studies.
  • Consent participants for the Civilian Screening Protocol, which serves as an umbrella protocol that facilitates the participation of potential TBI and control populations.
  • Recruit, consent, and evaluate participants for the Military Recruitment Protocol, which provides an initial medical history, physical examination, neuroimaging, and blood draw for individuals who are eligible for care in the DoD healthcare system.
  • Promote awareness of CNRM studies and issues related to TBI and PTSD to enhance patient recruitment through the use of appropriate media platforms.


The Recruitment Core was established to support subject recruitment for research activities between the collaborating agencies of The Department of Defense (DoD) and The National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is designed to coordinate and combine subject recruitment into one administrative activity, use personnel and resources more effectively, and minimize the burden on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) subjects who might otherwise be overwhelmed with multiple requests to participate in numerous clinical trials.

Resources and Capabilities

The CNRM Recruitment Core works with CNRM performance sites, both civilian and military, to identify possible study participants and identify those who may be interested in being contacted for involvement in research protocols.

CNRM study participants may be consented into a participating CNRM protocol at NIH, Military Treatment Facilities or area civilian hospitals.

The CNRM Recruitment Core has created and maintains a database to house de-identified information regarding study participants and their consent to participate in future research studies. This database serves as a participant referral source and recruitment tool for CNRM studies. Participants are referred to the appropriate CNRM studies for consent according to established referral criteria.


  • Referral network at military and civilian performance sites
  • Established Patient Registry
  • Collaborative relationships with the Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office at NIH and other military and civilian groups
  • CNRM patient-focused website provides information regarding participation, active studies, and provision of TBI and PTSD resources.
  • CNRM studies YouTube channel ( provides patient-focused videos describing common assessments and tasks involved in research study participation

Points of Contact


1-855-TBI-CNRM (1-855-824-2676)

Access to CNRM core resources is available for CNRM funded studies and for broader research needs according to CNRM policies, including prioritization and cost sharing.  For further information on the policies or for a copy, please email