Informatics Core

Informatics Core

Informatics Core

The major functions of the Informatics Core are as follows:

  • Provide data management, storage and analytic services for CNRM clinical studies.
  • Facilitate capture of electronic data and reporting for clinical protocols, develop research computing infrastructure, and integrate CNRM technology requirements across institutions.
  • Facilitate cross-study analyses by integrating data across CNRM studies.
  • Generate Global Unique Identifiers (GUID) for de-identification and linkage of patient data sets and biospecimens, in compliance with regulatory approvals.
  • The CNRM database was designed and built in partnership with the Federal Interagency TBI Research (FITBIR) informatics system. The CNRM informatics core provided technical and clinical expertise in steering the development of multiple BRICS software modules, which are used in FITBIR. CNRM has contributed significant contracts for part time system administrators and software developers responsible for building the combined CNRM and FITBIR system structure in support of our shared mission.


Located on the CNRM Twinbrook Campus, CNRM Twinbrook Building, 12725 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, Maryland


  • Research computing server at USUHS (IBM BladeCenter acquired, highly scalable platform)
  • Hosting for server-based analytical tools supporting BIC instrumentation
  • Hosting for Translational Imaging Facility image processing and data system
  • Server hosting arrangements at NIH
  • Hosting for TBI Global ID and Human Image Processing Core data systems (Integrated with FITBIR system)

Current Services and Activities

  • Electronic data capture systems in support of clinical protocols
  • Clinical research support providing implementation support in electronic data capture system as well as reporting support
  • Participation in TBI research community data standardization efforts (e.g. common data elements, globally unique identifiers, data repository projects)
  • Supporting and executing data submission into FITBIR long term repository
  • Research computing infrastructure support (e.g. server-based components of instrumentation at USUHS)
  • Support across CNRM Cores to achieve high levels of data integration, including imaging data, biospecimen data, and clinical data
  • Building a central data repository (data warehouse) for CNRM research programs


  • Centralized informatics data repository (data warehouse)
  • Administrative support of clinical programs through information management systems, (e.g. protocol tracking)

Points of contact for information on core resources, policies, and procedures

  • Dr. Yang Fann, Core PI, Email, Phone: (301) 451-5153
  • Dr. Ann Scher, Core Co-PI, Email, Phone: (301) 295-3615

General Inquiries:

 Access to CNRM core resources is available for CNRM funded studies and for broader research needs according to CNRM policies, including prioritization and cost sharing.  For further information on the policies or for a copy, please email