Human Imaging Core

Human Imaging Facility Core

Human Imaging Core

The major functions of the Human Imaging Core are as follows:

  • Provide integrated, simultaneous positron emission tomography (PET) and 3T MRI on the CNRM's Siemens Biograph mMR within the NIH Clinical Center. 
  • Assist/guide use of CNRM human imaging facilities. 
  • Develop/implement/transfer new imaging technologies and pulse sequences for CNRM studies.
  • Provide for MRI/PET raw data extraction and archiving.


Located on the NIH Bethesda Campus, Clinical Center, Building 10


  • Location: NIH Clinical Center, Building 10, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, MRI division
  • Equipment: Siemens Biograph mMR, fully integrated 3T MRI/ PET
  • Technologist: available, during regular daytime hours.
  • Availability, priority: all CNRM patients have priority at all times.
  • Post-processing: see Image Processing core for assistance
  • Scheduling: Calpendo ( For first-time users, please contact Sarah Yang ( to set up accounts.

Points of contact for information on core resources, policies, and procedures

  • Dr. Vincent Ho, Core PI, Email
  • Dr. John Butman, Core PI, Email

Access to CNRM core resources is available for CNRM funded studies and for broader research needs according to CNRM policies, including prioritization and cost sharing.  For further information on the policies or for a copy, please email