Clinical Biomarkers Core

Clinical Biomarkers Core

Clinical Biomarkers Core

The major functions of the Clinical Biomarkers Core are as follows:

  • Develop and manage a biospecimen repository for the receipt, cataloging, storage and distribution of biospecimens from persons with TBI or related conditions and appropriate control subjects.
  • Ensure that the materials held in the biospecimen repository are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible to support research on biomarkers for TBI and related clinical conditions to lead to advances in diagnosis, treatment and clinical care of TBI patients.


Located on the CNRM Twinbrook Campus, CNRM Twinbrook Building, 12725 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, Maryland

Biospecimen Repository

A Biospecimen Repository has been established to house biosamples from CNRM investigators and  partnering study sites investigating TBI. Samples will be in the form of frozen human biological specimens.


It is hoped that the stored biospecimens will assist in the development of a much needed new taxonomy for TBI that will aid in improving research inclusion criteria, provide better prediction of clinical outcomes, and contribute to the development of relevant monitoring of outcomes following therapeutic interventions in TBI.

Facilties and Management

CNRM samples will be stored at the CNRM Twinbrook facility in Rockville, Maryland. Samples will be collected from participating CNRM sites - this may include Military Treatment Facilities and civilian institutions such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and local hospitals. A Repository Manager is responsible for maintaining the storage facility under the oversight of a Steering Committee. Access policy will be determined by the Steering Committee. Samples will only be released for studies conducted under protocols subject to USU Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval.


Study investigators in all participating studies must have subjects consent to having their samples collected for this repository and stored as de-identified samples for up to 20 years.

Data Management

The CNRM Informatics Core is ultimately responsible for all data collected under this protocol. The USU IRB retains primary oversight responsibility for samples and de-identified data in the Repository and clinical database respectively. Enrolling site IRBs will retain primary responsibility for patient consent, clinical interaction with patients, protection of patients and their data while it is identified, any communication with patients including processing of requests for withdrawal from the program, and data quality.

Points of contact for information on core resources, policies, and procedures

  • Dr. Brian Cox, Biomarkers Program Leader, Email

 Access to CNRM core resources is available for CNRM funded studies and for broader research needs according to CNRM policies, including prioritization and cost sharing.  For further information on the policies or for a copy, please email