Pre-Clinical Models for TBI and Behavioral Assessments Core

Pre-Clinical Studies

Preclinical Studies Core

The major functions of the Preclinical Studies Core are as follows:

  • Provide CNRM investigators with a central facility to conduct scientific research that utilizes experimental models of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and behavioral assessments.
  • Facilitate and/or develop new animal models of TBI and new methods for evaluating behavioral phenotypes.
  • Operate controlled blast exposures in an Advanced Blast Simulator.
  • Offer expertise in techniques and data analysis.


Located on the USU campus, Bethesda, Maryland

Support for TBI Models

  • Controlled Cortical Impact Injury (CCI)
  • Fluid Percussion Injury (FPI)
  • Microinjection Facility
  • HIFU Shock Wave Injury 
  • ORA Advanced Blast Simulator (overpressure shock tube)
  • Rat and Mouse Weight Drop 
  • Leica-Microsystem Angle Two stereotaxic instrument
  • A microinjection suite for central nervous system implantation of stem cells, genetically-modified cells, or devices
  • High Speed Videography

Pre-Clinical Behavioral Assessments

  • Grip strength, hanging wire, rotarod, and parallel rod floor tests
  • Stoelting Any-maze Behavioral Tracking System for open field testing, light/dark box behavior, hole-board exploration, elevated plus maze, acoustic startle reflex, conditioned place preference test, the novel object recognition, the Morris water maze, Barnes maze, Porsolt swim test, 3-chambered social test, 24-hr  activity/running wheel chambers, olfactory avoidance test, resident-intruder test, fear conditioning, visual cliff test, female urine test, nesting condition test, sucrose preference test, place avoidance test, and mouse staircase test
  • Contact core personnel for additional assessments that may be available

Main Software for Behavioral Data Analysis


Please contact Laura Tucker for scheduling.

Access to CNRM core resources is available for CNRM funded studies and for broader research needs according to CNRM policies, including prioritization and cost sharing.  For further information on the policies or to request a copy, please email