CNRM National Collaborations

CNRM National Collaborations

CNRM National Efforts Collaboration


CNRM National Efforts

CNRM participates in two national TBI research efforts that are funded by the DoD and the VA:

1.  The TBI Endpoints Development (TED) project (DoD funded):  CNRM investigators are participating in data sharing and are regular attendees in TED-sponsored forums and meetings.

2.  Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) Longitudinal Cohort Study and Longitudinal Study of Elderly Veterans (DoD and VA funded):  CNRM is providing biorepository support for these studies.  Additionally, the DVBIC 15-Year Natural History Study, supported by CNRM, is aligned to the CENC Longitudinal Cohort Study establishing the sole DoD component for this study.  Dr. Daniel Perl is a co-investigator on the study of elderly veterans.