Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine

CNRM Relationship with USU and the NIH

Within USU, the CNRM efforts involve faculty from numerous departments and both schools (School of Medicine and Graduate School of Nursing) interacting collaboratively. With additional funding, the CNRM is expected to recruit new tenure-track faculty brought into diverse departments based on the ability to contribute to the TBI research needs in regenerative medicine.

The CNRM is the first center at USU that involves a broad base of faculty and potential new tenure-track faculty appointments within departments. A policy for guidance in faculty recruitment by the CNRM relative to departmental faculty structure at USU has been developed by University leadership.

Recruitment of tenure-track faculty into the departments of the School of Medicine or the Graduate School of Nursing entails a responsibility of the CNRM to interact with department chairs to foster the activities of faculty not only in the research of the CNRM but in obtaining extramural grants, teaching, clinical duties, and service to the University as will be required for tenure and promotion.

Within NIH, the CNRM efforts are also unique, which led to the MOU between USU and NIH. The CNRM Co-Director, Dr. Walter Koroshetz, will continue to work with the Scientific Directors of each of the relevent NIH Institutes and investigators participating in the CNRM to facilitate these interactions.

A Catalyst for Brain Injury Research