10/06/16 - Prepare for Hurricane Matthew

Prepare for Hurricane Matthew

As of October 6, 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit multiple Caribbean countries as a category four storm, leaving over 300,000 people in shelters. Hurricane Matthew is moving northward with winds reaching 145mph and will continue to strengthen over the next couple of days. Hurricane Matthew is due to reach Florida as a category four storm within the next 24 hours and work its way up the southeast coast. There is also a potential for the hurricane to circle around and hit Florida a second time. Response teams are standing by ready to assist as needed. Costal evacuations have begun in Florida, Georgia and the Carolina's. Monitor the forecast in your area by logging onto CNN.com/hurricane or tune into your local news. ALL southeast states are urged to prepare, take shelter and evacuate if ordered to do so. To stay informed download the FEMA Mobile App for weather alerts, preparations tips, and other disaster resources. Good items to have are: Nonperishable food and water enough for three days Portable radio, flashlights and extra batteries Mobile devices fully charged and fully charged portable device charger Emergency contact information Prepare your home by securing loose items that may become projectile when the wind hits Have an evacuation plan