Allowing Late Assignment Submission and Resubmissions

The Sakai Assignments tool provides a number of methods to manage the submission of Assignments. Course and Module Directors routinely ask Sakai Help to allow students to re-submit and reset the due date, this can be done without the intervention of the Sakai staff. While each course and faculty member’s expectations are different long-term use of Assignments in hundreds of courses at USU suggests these recommended settings:

  1. Establish an Accept Until date so that students can submit after the Due Date. All late submissions will be marked late by Sakai and the course director can decides to reduce the awarded points for the late submission.
  2. Allow unlimited resubmissions until the due date. By default Sakai does not allow resubmissions. Allow Resubmissions and choosing unlimited allows a student to make corrections until the Due Date. Set the Resubmission Accept Until date to the same Date/Time as the Due Date.