Assigned CAHS Faculty in the METC program

Qualified faculty members are assigned to instructional duties on the Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) only after verification of requisite education, certification and/or licensure, and experience by the USU CAHS faculty appointment process (see USU CAHS Instruction 1100C)and in concert with the METC faculty appointment process (see METC Operating Instruction 41-034 Faculty Management).  Such assignment must also be consistent with, and is subject to the scrutiny of, the relevant programmatic accreditation standards and practices.  The CAHS faculty are responsible for oversight of the instructional practice of METC educators within the affiliated programs. 

Qualification for and appointment as CAHS faculty is the highest level of the METC faculty development process.  The number of personnel that are currently qualified and assigned to METC instructional positions and the respective credentials they must hold are detailed on CAHS METC Faculty Rosters for each affiliated program.  Only full-time faculty are assigned to faculty or educator positions within the affiliated programs.  The terms “faculty”, “instructor”, and “educator” are used interchangeably.