AUG 17, 2017 "Violence in Charlottesville, VA"

On August 17th we discussed the timely events in Charlottesville, VA 

We used this opportunity for USU members to discuss their impressions and thoughts about the future. Several people joined the conversation remotely.


  1. Some people felt that the confederate symbols do not represent hate but pride. Being able to accept that others only see a positive symbol is difficult for many people.
  2. There is fear in being a minority that has been a target of violence.
  3. Some people are hopeful that this will be a turning point for our country, but many don’t feel that way.
  4. Respecting each other and looking for compassion helps to lessen the impression of “us” versus “them”.
  5. Continuing the conversation knowing that hateful speech cannot be ignored is important.
  6. Every Chief of Staff stated unequivocally that the hate demonstrated by the Neo-Nazi, KKK and White supremist is unacceptable and there is no place for it in the military.