Learn more about CGHE Summer Internship!

Learn more about CGHE Summer Internship!


We have received several inquiries about our internship program and wish to answer some of these questions to all those interested!

Program Description:

Internship programs at CGHE provide an opportunity to spend a summer working side-by-side with some of the leading international health specialists involved with Humanitarian Assistance and Global Health Engagements. CGHE is part of the Uniformed Services University and maintains a number of programs geared towards Humanitarian Assistance actively applied worldwide.


The Summer Internship Program is for students who are at least eighteen years of age or older at the time they begin the program. To be eligible, candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students are eligible to apply if they are enrolled at least half-time in high school or an accredited college or university as undergraduate, graduate, or professional student. Students who have been accepted into an accredited college or university program may also apply. Permanent residents must be enrolled in or have been accepted into an accredited institution in the U.S. to be eligible.

All internships positions are at CGHE offices located at 11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 707, Rockville, Maryland. Interns are expected to have adequate or secured transportation to attend work. Metro and bus access is within 15-minute walk of the building.

The internship for 2017 will be from approximately 29 May to 25 August 2017, with adjustments made on actual availability. While there is a strong academic component of the internship, paid interns are required to perform assigned duties as research and scholar assistants to one of CGHEs active programs.  That information will be given in your selection letter. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there classes or any special training I will receive during the internship? 

During the internship, you will be given the opportunity to attend select classes in Global Health Engagement for the U.S. Military. We will also create a sustained learning environment centered on a variety of topics presented each week.

Any language or special skills required? 

Other than good writing skills and an expected knowledge of Word; Excel; and PowerPoint type programs, no specific skills are required. Language skills are always a plus. 

If my family is taking a vacation, will I be able to join them? 

Yes, list the time you need to take in your cover letter. We are looking for candidates who can complete most of their time with their assigned program, so apply with the expectation of working a full schedule. Due to the short duration, any time off is without pay.

Do I need any special clearance? 

No. However, our operations division will work with you if any military or government building access is required.

How are applicants selected? 

After all applicant packages are received, a review board is selected to select candidates based on several factors which include, demonstrated interest, availability, the degree of study, and career objectives. The number of candidates selected is based on two factors: Funds available and the number of programs that request interns. 

Who funds this internship? 

Funding for all internships are through federal or military supported grants and programs. 

How much will I be paid?   

The salaries for interns are adjusted yearly; the level depends on education and experience completed prior to starting at CGHE. All funded interns are employed through the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine and are paid on a supervised, hourly schedule. Benefits are not included in this offer.

Can I list this experience on my resume? 


Is this government employment experience? 

This is not government employment and government employee status is not given. All interns are hired under an agreement with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine.