Continuing Promise

Continuing Promise

For Continuing Promise 2010 and 2011, the NCDMPH has been heavily involved in assessing and improving the disaster knowledge of medical personnel participating in the U.S Southern Command's Operation Continuing Promise, a goodwill humanitarian and civic assistance mission to foreign countries.

The NCDMPH's 2010 Continuing Promise efforts involved assessing the humanitarian assistance and disaster response knowledge of a wide-ranging coalition of physicians, nurses, public health professionals and other specialists from different backgrounds that make up the joint medical personnel staff.

Based on the Center's initial success, the NCDMPH was invited to have a larger role in its 2011 efforts - a twofold plan to collect a deeper assessment of the disaster knowledge and to actively improve and measure that knowledge through an education program. Consultative support for Continuing Promise 2013 is ongoing. 

The National Center released on November 30, 2010 a PDF iconcp10-techrept-findings.pdf of Findings for Continuing Promise 2010. 

Further information on the Continuing Promise missions are courtesy of the United States Southern Command.