Do you have physical requirements for prospective students?

Yes, we do. When students receive an invitation for an interview, a request is sent to the Department of Defense Medical Review Board (DoDMERB) to initiate the physical clearance requirement. To begin the process, you must call the Commissioning Coordinator and provide your social security number.

DoDMERB then provides you with information for setting up an examination with a physician who practices in your local area. The physician is not interested in the number of push-ups and sit-ups you can do (see “Are there any fitness requirements?”). Rather, your physical will focus on your general state of health and will try to determine if you have any medically disqualifying conditions (check the other FAQs for more information on medically disqualifying conditions). All of these exams are set up through Concorde, Inc. and may be tracked on the DoDMETS website.

When you receive your invitation to interview, you will want to set up your medical examination as soon as possible—the qualification process may take some time to complete, especially if you have had health problems in the past. There comes a point in the admissions cycle where only those students who have fully completed the medical clearance process are able to be offered spots in the class.

DoDMERB has a list of FAQs that may also answer your questions