Does USU SOM Graduate Programs offer additional financial support?

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HMJ) annually provides support for senior graduate fellowships. The three, 1-year Fellowships are competitively awarded to outstanding USU civilian graduate student doctoral candidates in the USU School of Medicine Graduate Programs.

The Emma L. Bockman Award was created through the HMJ Foundation to encourage and support scholarly endeavors of USU students. In her memory, the Emma L. Bockman Memorial Award has been established to keep her academic ideals and quest for knowledge alive. The recipient of the graduate student award is selected competitively primarily based upon the applicant's research efforts, but also academic performance and community service.

Graduate student support is also competitively available from many other sources, such as the NIH, the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation, various private foundations such as the American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, etc. Check with the USU Office of Research and/or the Graduate Education Office for various opportunities to compete for extramural funding. Since the USU SOM is federally funded, graduate students are also often eligible for federally-funded fellowships.