Faculty Ranks

The CAHS has four ascending faculty ranks as designated by title: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Faculty are appointed in, and promoted to, the various ranks based upon the judgment of their peers and the concurrence of the CAHS and University administration under guidance, standards, and procedures outlined in USU CAHS Instruction 1100C.

The following are the CAHS faculty ranks along with definitions:

  • Instructor is a rank for junior scholars who, while fully qualified to teach within their respective professional discipline, have not reached the level of scholarly maturity expected of a permanent faculty.
  • Assistant Professor is the basic entry level faculty rank.  This level of scholar is expected to have all qualifications customary in their profession or field and to have demonstrated clear potential for achievement and a capacity for productivity in multiple areas of scholarship.
  • Associate Professor is the faculty rank indicative of fully-matured scholarship in multiple domains; it is based upon the extramurally peer-evaluated and clearly demonstrated capacity for sustained scholarly achievement and productivity.
  • Professor is the highest rank a faculty member may be awarded on the basis of peer recommendation and is reserved for those faculty members who have repeatedly demonstrated outstanding achievement across the spectrum of scholarship; it is not awarded for length of service but only after careful consideration of the quality, quantity and national and/or international impact of the individual's scholarship.