How to Add a Student

Students are automatically added from the Registrar system to each course on Sakai.  Important:  Multi-section courses, Clerkship and Post-Clerkships must be manually done and that is coordinated between the Registrar's Office and Sakaihelp. Any questions about why a student does not have access to a course on Sakai should be directed to the Registrar first.


  • Auditing students can be added to a course in Sakai by request of the Course Director submitted through the ServiceDesk.  AUditors DO NOT receive grades, but Sakai can be configured to allow the auditor to submit assignements or assessments.
  • People who are not enrolled at the USU may be added to a course by the Course Director, who makes a request through Service Desk.
  • SOM Clerkship course directors who operate their course by round must provide a list of student e-mail addresses at least seven business days before the start of each round. Non-round based clerkships students will be automatically added to the course by Sakaihelp ten business days before the start of round one.