Information for Program Applicants

Our students are among the brightest and most capable that our military services have to offer.  While we take a whole-person approach in evaluating applicants desiring to attend the program there are, however, a number of requirements necessary to admit qualified applicants.

Below is a listing of requirements and preferred (as applicable) scores or outcomes for each criterion.

- Have completed a bachelor's degree in an undergraduate program (preferred grade point average is 3.0 or higher).

- Early- to mid-career military officer in an active status.

- Completed the GRE within the past five years of the application cycle.  Preferred minimum score is 290 for the revised GRE.

- Have approval (or in steps of attaining approval) for entry into graduate training program from your respective military service.


We also weigh three factors in determining admission criteria.

(1) Is the applicant a good fit for the MHAP Program?

(2) Will the applicant add diversity and perspective to the classroom?

(3) Is the applicant academically ready for the challenges of quality graduate education?


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Questions?  See our Program Contacts page for appropriate points of contact.