Jan 19, 2018 How are clarity, compassion, and empathy related?

On 19 Jan 2018  we discussed How clarity, compassion, and empathy relate


We walked away with the following take away points: 

  1. Try to see other people as being multidimensional
  2. Empathy is about connecting with someone and telling stories can help
  3. Our actions are much more important than what we say and listening is an action
  4. Though a challenge, Social Media is a place to start showing empathy
  5. Feedback is an important part of improvement.

If you were unable to attend the discussion please take the time to review the following resources:

Forbes article on Charity , Empathy and Story Telling: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomwatson/2014/06/30/what-makes-people-generous-charity-empathy-and-story-telling/#505dd5007cba

Explore a possible gender difference in empathy: http://socialpsychonline.com/2016/04/gender-and-empathy-charity-psychology/  

A quick empathy refresher from Brené Brown:



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