MAY 18, 2017 "How do we talk about sexual harassment?"

On May 18, 2017 the group discussed "How do we talk about sexual harassment?"

The discussion lead to the following steps toward solutions:

  1. It is every organization’s responsibility to create and maintain a culture where harassment is unacceptable
  2. “Fox News” is the best example that people won’t report harassment if they believe nothing will happen to the person harassing
  3. Acknowledge that embarrassment plays a role in preventing reporting
  4. Some women try to let the person harassing down easily, it is more effective to be direct and place distance between you
  5. Being logical is difficult during an emotional encounter, write down the details when you can
  6. Education before starting a job about resources and responses can help
  7. The leadership at USU needs and wants to know about unacceptable behavior