MAY 21, 2015 "What can we do to effectively communicate despite internal and external barriers?"

Preparation materials:

Illusion of Transparency

Confirmatory bias

Confirmation bias

First Impression and First Impressions Count

Highlights from the discussion:

  • There was a question if first impressions are important and because of confirmation bias and the “Impostor syndrome” it is important to be aware of first impressions.
  • Everyone is concerned about first impressions
  • Having a mentor or sponsor or friend to guide you through new situations helps
  • Making an impression is a continuous act not a single event
  • When meeting a group, it only takes one person to make a new person feel less self-conscious and welcomed
  •  When presenting remember that you are the subject matter expert
  • Physical qualities influence impressions such as height, dress, positioning and grooming.  Be aware of what you can change