Pathogenic Bacteriology

Course Number: 
Graduate Education
Quarter Hours: 
4 Quarter hours (alternate years)
Course Description: 
Pathogenic Bacteriology focuses on mechanisms utilized by bacteria to establish infection and cause disease. The course is offered every other spring semester (years 2003, 2005, 2007, etc.), and meets three days a week (M, W & F, 0830-1030). Topics relevant to the field of bacterial pathogenesis are taught using a format in which lectures are presented by departmental faculty or invited speakers from outside of the University. Lectures are based on pre-assigned research articles pertinent to the topic at hand (Mondays and Wednesdays). Tutorial sessions are given on Fridays in which the topics of the week are reviewed and scientific papers are presented by students to promote discussion. In lieu of a midterm examination, students are required to write and submit a short research proposal on a research question that is relevant to bacterial pathogenesis. After receiving written feedback from the faculty, students present their revised proposals to the class to gain experience in orally defending a research plan. A comprehensive written examination of the material presented in the course is given at the end of the course. Final grading is based on class participation, student presentations, the written research proposal, and performance the final exam. Assigned text: Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis (Ed: Eduardo Groisman)